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Keynote Topics

Keynotes for C-suite leaders and managers who seek to elevate customer service today – and re-imagine the Customer Experience of tomorrow.

A born storyteller, Brian Dennis exhilarates audiences with stories and examples. He has a knack for getting to the heart of a concept and explaining it simply and concisely. Brian’s humor, engaging manner, anecdotal style, and concrete advice – backed by 2 decades as a Customer Experience executive in Fortune 200 corporations – make him an ideal choice for a meeting opener, keynote, or last-day speaker when you want your attendees to stay until the end. Attendees leave Brian’s presentations with proven, real-world ideas they can immediately implement to transform their Customer Experience.

Keynote #1

If the Customer’s the Copilot, You’re in the Wrong Seat

Do you wonder why some companies provide good customer service while others fail? As a leader, are you passionate about your customers and want to engage them in new and innovative ways? Learn what’s new and what’s next, so you can elevate Customer Experience today ─ and be poised to deliver exceptional customer service in the future.

An internationally recognized Customer Experience innovator and trend forecaster, Brian Dennis shares ideas you can implement immediately to improve Customer Experience. Plus, you gain insights to anticipate your customers’ future needs.

You’ll learn:

  • Innovative ideas you can implement immediately to improve the customer service experience.
  • How to create a service culture throughout the organization ─ both internally and externally – with a team that is engaged, energized, and passionate about the customer experience.
  • Strategies that will guide your internal team to deliver exceptional support to their external customers.
  • Proven tactics from companies that successfully deliver elevated levels of customer service.

Keynote #2

10 Customer Experience Lessons: Change the world – or even just your business – one customer at a time

Enhancing Customer Experience involves a shift in thinking. Service leaders are faced with doing more with less, while facing rapid-fire changes in technology and service delivery. As a Fortune 200 Customer Experience innovator and trend forecaster, Brian Dennis has developed 10 simple lessons to help leaders cut through the clutter, focus on customer service, and change their business.

In this high-energy presentation, you’ll learn why an unsatisfied or even satisfied customer is not a loyal customer. You’ll find out how to convert customers into HIGHLY satisfied customers, who are champions for your company. Plus, you’ll hear stories and anecdotes that distill perplexing concepts into easily understood ─ and actionable ─ ideas you can immediately implement. And you’ll walk away with 10 proven service lessons that you can turn to, again and again, to elevate Customer Experience.

Keynote #3

Winning at the Front-Line: Lessons to Create the Ultimate Service Environment

This keynote is intended for the front-line: associates, employees, and corporate support teams who directly serve the customer. Attendees take away a greater understanding of why customer empathy is critical, and better see their role as company evangelists in delivering great service. During this fun and engaging session, Brian Dennis spends a portion of time directly interacting with the audience – and they LOVE it!

Keynote #4

Let’s get “Phigital”: The Converging Worlds of Physical and Digital Customer Experience

Despite the buzz about online shopping eclipsing in-store sales, customers ARE shopping in physical stores. In fact, 93% of retail sales still occur in brick-and-mortar stores. However, the customer’s shopping journey is more multifaceted than ever before. Customer Experience is no longer about “physical” or “digital.” Instead, it’s about how the two worlds converge.

In this leading-edge keynote, presented by Customer Experience innovator and trend forecaster Brian Dennis, attendees learn how innovative companies utilize a combination of people, technology, personalization, and data to create differentiated retail experiences. While audience members hear about current trends, much of the discussion focuses on 3- to 5-year trajectories that need to be on your radar – now.


“Leaders practically need a crystal ball. Deluged with constant change, they need to understand how to rally their resources to meet the future Customer Experience head-on.”
Brian Dennis

What they’re saying about Brian’s keynotes

  • “Bring Brian Dennis back next year – can’t wait!”
  • “Brian’s keynote was fascinating and fun at the same time.”
  • “Brian was funny, engaging and compelling – his talk was full of innovative thinking.”
  • “Only one speaker at our conference got a standing ovation. Nice job, Brian!”
  • “The real measure of Brian’s success was the number of audience members who swarmed him after his session to continue the dialogue.”

Perfect for C-suite executives and managers in:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality and the service industry
  • Healthcare
  • High-tech
  • Any business that serves customers!

Keynotes are tailored to your group’s needs:

Brian will customize his presentation to meet the organization’s objective. He learned early on that the audience, not the presenter, is the heart of any presentation. Anticipating their needs helps him calibrate their mindset. As one meeting planner stated, “Brian really connected with our audience by putting himself inside their heads and behind their eyes.”