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Brian Dennis is an internationally recognized Customer Experience innovator and trend forecaster. Bring Brian to your group.

Brian Dennis has dedicated his career creating customer experiences that transform unsatisfied or even satisfied customers into HIGHLY satisfied customers. These fans are more loyal, spend more, and remain customers for the long haul.

As a Customer Experience trend forecaster, Brian alerts your group to what’s new – and what’s next. His infectious enthusiasm, consummate storytelling skills, and ability to simplify complex issues make Brian Dennis a sought-after keynote speaker who appeals to all audiences, small and large.

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Brian Dennis demystifies Customer Experience. He offers practical advice, entertains with memorable stories, and shares insights on future trends. Audiences have fun while learning what’s NEW and what’s NEXT.

“Brian Dennis knocked ’em dead at the OmniShopper Conference in Chicago today! He spoke on how to create loyalty-inspiring customer experiences. Audience members really resonated with his interactive style and generosity in sharing specific examples and practical applications. Brian was funny, engaging and compelling – full of innovative thinking built on the foundation of Top Box measurement and financial linkage. The real measure of Brian’s success was the number of audience members who swarmed him after his session to continue the dialogue, including Customer Experience (CX) leaders from very large corporations.”

Chief Evangelist Officer