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Highly satisfied customers are loyal customers.


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To remain competitive, you need 2 things: Highly satisfied customers now – and a vision to ensure you’ll have highly satisfied customers in the future.

Today, having “satisfied customers” just isn’t good enough.

A key goal for many companies is to create satisfied customers. That’s just not good enough anymore. Here’s why: Satisfied customers are not loyal. Studies show that 60-80% of satisfied customers would defect for a better price.

On the other hand, HIGHLY satisfied customers are loyal. They spend more. They are more likely to forgive a service glitch. They become raving fans and referral “partners.”

Delivering an excellent Customer Experience today will help you attract new customers and retain existing ones. Even more compelling, delivering an excellent customer experience can be less expensive to provide than a poor one, and customers will actually pay more for it! Anticipating their future needs will help you attract and retain them tomorrow. But how do you achieve that?

Leaders who are committed to customer service consistently engage, recognize, and reward employees who view the company through the customer’s eyes – and initiate innovative ideas.

As a leader, you know that delivering exceptional Customer Experience is everyone’s responsibility. After all, great customer service starts on the inside! Innovative ideas can come from anywhere in the organization. By teaming with your employees (your internal customers) and taking time to be on the front lines, you gain insight into your customers’ service experience. This insight swings open the doors to elevate customer service today – and re-imagine Customer Experience of the future.

A sought-after keynote speaker and trend forecaster, Brian Dennis has dedicated his career to improving Customer Experience at Fortune 200 companies.

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